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The PIntEx Story so far...

After getting his PhD in chemistry, Bob joined DuPont in 1984. The next 10 years involved a long list of experiments at dozens of plant sites and research facilities. At the end of his career, he was a global technology manager with responsibility for scientists and engineers who were spread around the world. What does Bob remember most about that journey?


"Two things. The thrill of commercializing new products and the debt I owed to those individuals who took the time to mentor me. That’s the origin for PIntEx Training & Consulting. It has given me the chance to mentor individuals engaged in the marketing or development of products."

What is PIntEx all about?

PIntEx is based on the belief that Intelligence Excavation is not a task. It’s a skill. A skill you can use to advance your own career. One of my mentors had a pithy expression that summarized what our job was all about. Making buckets of money for the company. How do you do that? By using Intelligence Excavation to make better decisions about your next steps.

We don’t find great insights by only running experiments. They can also be found by studying what others have already demonstrated and making connections no one has made before. Don’t run experiments until after you’ve made those insights. Why not? Because it slows you down. Here’s another expression. Six months in the laboratory can save you two weeks in the library.

PIntEx has turned their belief about Intelligence Excavation into a practice. It’s called the PIntEx method. We developed that method by borrowing tools from archaeologists. You might wonder what archaeology has in common with the analysis of businesses for new opportunities. Everything. Both pursuits are focused on developing insights based on a better understanding of the beliefs and practices of people who can’t be interviewed.

We applied that method to a range of businesses. In every instance, we’ve formulated Actionable Insights with potential for improved market share. Two of the most common comments we’ve heard from clients are: PIntEx now knew more about the client’s competition than the client. The second is that it would have been great if they had the skills and the tools to have gathered that knowledge for themselves.

There is a link below that will take you to a free video describing the PIntEx method and what it can do for you, and your company. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. When finished, you can either contact PIntEx to talk about how we can demonstrate this method for a project you have in mind or, you can enroll in the online course that gives you the skills to do it yourself.

Make this the next step in your own journey. It has the potential to change the path you follow for the rest of your career.

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