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“Take Charge of Your Career: A Guide for Industrial Scientists,” is a free online webinar designed to help you to have the career you always wanted. The eight guidelines described are applicable across a wide range of companies and disciplines. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in a management track, or advancement as a research scientist.

The webinar was created by Bob Lawton, a PhD chemist with more than 30 years’ experience in new product development. The guidelines are based on key events that made it possible for Bob to advance from research chemist to Global Technology Manager at a Fortune 500 chemical company. 

The webinar is a 45 minute, pre-recorded lesson in which you can enroll, for free. There are no obligations on your part, other than registration to take the course. 

If you are a lower level manager seeking to become a higher level manager, a research scientist who hungers for bigger and more interesting assignments, a chemist who doesn’t understand why he has not been promoted, or a manager with subordinates who will benefit from training that will make them more productive – this free webinar is too good to ignore.

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What's New


     When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, we were no longer able to meet with clients. Like so many others during this period, we decided to make lemonade if the only thing on the supermarket shelves were lemons. We took advantage of the quarantine as an opportunity to develop an online course. If we couldn’t meet with customers, maybe we could find a way to help them to help themselves from the safety of their own home. 

     There is a link below that will take you to a site where you can enroll in the course. It teaches the PIntEx method, which was developed for people who are paid to market and develop products. The method works whether you want to learn more about potential suppliers, possible competitors or prospective customers. The Orientation is free and describes the rest of the course and how the remaining 25 lessons can help you to find Actionable Insights that will lead to improved market share for your company, and a more rewarding career for yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire a new skill set that will help you add more value as part of your project team, group, and company.



    The PIntEx method is based on the use of something called Intelligence Excavation, for the purpose of marketing and developing products. We have applied this method to a range of businesses, product platforms and technologies to generate Actionable Insights. These insights represent new alternatives which the client was not aware of before PIntEx uncovered them. The method works equally well whether the client wants to study potential suppliers, possible competitors, prospective customers, or conduct due diligence before acquisition of technologies or companies.

     There is a link below that will take you to a site where you can learn more. It’s the first lesson from an online course that teaches the method. It’s free. If you’re not interested in taking the course, you can still contact PIntEx, and we can apply the method to your business.

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